dimarts, 2 d’agost de 2011

"Empathy is understanding how another person feels or breathing with the same lungs as somebody else" Mary Gordon

"I don't think it's ever to late to develop empathy. It starts so naturally I think we should do everything that we can to cultivate empathy and we can do it at every level. So why would we not."

http://CultureOfEmpathy.com The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy - A portal for empathy and compassion related resources; art, articles, definitions, conferences, experts, history, interviews, newsletter, science, videos, etc. For more on empathy visit our website. This is part of a larger documentary project by Edwin Rutsch on the nature of empathy. We hope you'll connect and get involved in Building a Culture of Empathy.

Mary Gordon, founder of 'Roots of Empathy' and 'Seeds of Empathy' program.

Video taped, December 12, 2010 in Berkeley, California.

For full interview video and transcript and more about Mary Gordon, see.

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